Five Step Exterior Painting Process

1. Power Clean & Washing

– All surfaces being painted are cleaned using are specially formulated solution that removes any mildew, dirt, and other materials that would interfere with proper paint adhesion.  A combination of cleaning brushes and pressure washing is used in conjunction with our cleaning solution.

2. Surface Prep 

– Any loose paint is scraped and removed and glossy surfaces are sanded.  Any rotten wood and loose pieces are secured and/or replaced.

3. Painting 

– All bare wood and unique surfaces are properly primed.  We can apply the paint using a combination of brushes and sprayers giving a uniform and quality finish.  Typically 2 coats are applied to insure a tough weather resistant finish and solid color retention that does not fade with time. East Coast Painting provide high quality exterior painting service in Bedford for your beautiful house.

4. Cleanup 

– Our job sites are kept organized at all times and cleanup is done not only at the end of everyday as well as an extensive cleanup at the end.

5. Walk Around 

– After everything is completed there is a final walk around with the customer to insure they are happy with the work.

If you have any questions regarding our exterior painting service process in Bedford or have any other questions don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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