Commercial Services

East Coast Painting Commercial Services

Are you looking for a painting company that understands the importance of making your property look its best with the least disruption to your customers or tenants?

We know why you need to paint:

Maintain a clean, professional image. Retain the perceived and real rental and resale value of your property

Reduced Maintenance Costs:
Substrate repair; Water damage; Additional prep required on peeling

East Coast Painting developed a communication system that ultimately takes the load off you—so that we can paint, and you can rest assured the job’s done right.

Progress Reports:
We deliver regular progress reports according to a customized schedule based on your needs.

Working with Teams:
While a project may have one primary contact, responsibility may be shared by a number of people.

Helping You Speak with Confidence:
You may have to report to others about the job, so we’ll tell you as much as you want to know in order to help you keep track of decisions and details. We aim to help you succeed in your role as manager of the project.

We Work on Schedule:
Our crew capacity enables us to be flexible in scheduling the job to meet your needs.

We Meet Deadlines:
We know that if the project gets off track, it can cause a domino effect for your schedule, with big consequences down the line. We will work with you to get YOUR job done quickly and efficiently as possible.

Minimizing Impact = Minimizing Loss of Productivity:
We minimize the impact to everyone affected by painting, whether tenants, owners, employees or customers. Since the buildings we paint are places people need to use, our mission is to understand everyone’s needs and concerns, so that we can work around them

At East Coast Painting a key cornerstone to our business is the way we conduct our business and communication is key to that.

We deliver a quality paint job—and assure that the process goes smoothly. It is our procedures of communication with customers that foster positive working relationships based on trust, respect and integrity.

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